When you select Farnam & Associates, we will start by doing the following for you:

  • Send letter to all renters, contractors and vendors announcing the selection of Farnam & Associates for management services, and requesting updated certificates of insurance.
  • Establish emergency and after-hours notification procedures with staff to ensure immediate responsive action.
  • Review and establish property equipment, tool inventories and preventative maintenance programs. Hire, train and establish on-site management team.
  • Identify contracts with potential cost-saving and competitively bid them.
  • Review existing energy consumption and establish new or updated goals for energy saving through management and conservation programs.

 Pricing and Costs


Single Family





2U to 200U

1,000 SF Min.


8% of the gross

monthly income

$100/month max

Minimum 6% of the

gross monthly income

Minimum 6% of the

gross monthly income


½ of the first month’s rent

1/3 of the first month’s rent

6% of Gross Lease To stimulate the brokerage community

Emergency Repairs Account